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#Wedding Trends

Here are some Wedding Trends we loved in 2022 that we’re taking over to 2023…

Pets Welcome! Now you may or may not be able to have your furry friend walk down the aisle with you, but if it’s something you have your heart set on. Stick to it! However, if you know your pet would be happier and safer somewhere else, you can still have them included in your special day! Use their photo in decor or have a specialty cocktail for the night named after them!

Earthy Tones and Matte Color Pops! Using earthy tones as a good base for wedding basics and decor provides a great starting point. Depending on the time of year you’re getting married, may alter what you think of about your color scheme. Matte-rich burgundy and oranges make fall weddings feel warm and deep. While bright and light color palettes may spring weddings feel airy and beautiful. Using those seasonal or beautiful pops of color in small spaces such as napkins or candles, offer a pop of color without overdoing it!

Shrink the Guest List. We’ve all lived through the times of Covid, and while we can all agree that there were downfalls. We gained some perspective too! Having a smaller guest list to make your special day more personal (and affordable) can be less stressful! It can open up your options to different ideas with your Venue or Vendors. Another option that Brides are loving is having an intimate ceremony! Inviting immediate family and close friends to the ceremony offer an intimate feeling while inviting others to just the reception. Most of your reception-only guests will understand and look forward to enjoying the party with you!

Personalize the Entertainment. Is there a local band or DJ you and your fiancee love? Or maybe a band that was playing on your first date? What about an activity or hobby you two enjoy doing together? A local comedian you both find hilarious? From crossword puzzles to cornhole. Adding some personalized entertainment into the cocktail hour, or reception will give your guests some extra entertainment and some personal history of you two as a couple.

A Reception Dress. Now it isn’t a new idea for Brides to change into a new dress for the reception. However, that idea is broadening out to let Brides show more of their personality. Brides are changing it up with their second outfit being a different color, a fun cut, or a jumpsuit. Some brides wait until after their first dance, while others want to make a show-stopping entrance into the reception!

What do you think? Did you see any of these trends in 2022 Weddings? Whether some you’re totally on board with and others maybe not!

We’re here for them all at The Vineyard!

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