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Guest Blog Feature: Advice + Tips on DJ Service

Today our Guest Blog Feature is Sean with The Wedding DJ. Sean is the owner and operator of The Wedding DJ. He has almost 40 years of experience in the industry and is giving us some great tips and advice on choosing a DJ for your wedding ceremony and/or reception.


Let's start with some questions

that you should consider

asking the DJ that

you're considering

to hire.

-Is my date available?

-Will you be our DJ?

-Do you require a deposit or retainer?

-Do you require us to sign a written contract?

-What happens if you are not available or become ill and can’t DJ our event?

-Do you charge for travel?

-What time will you arrive to set up?

-Is there a fee for setting up or tearing down?

-Do you have insurance?

-Can you provide a wedding ceremony and reception system if we need both?

Now, here are a few things that I ask potential couples when they inquire about my services.

-What is the date of your wedding? -Do you have a location for the reception?

-Do you need my services for both the ceremony and reception?

-If they say yes, are both at the same location?

I meet potential clients via Zoom. As this is a great opportunity to build a relationship and get to know each other. I book 90% of the clients I meet with via Zoom.

Once you decide that you would like to book my services, I ask for a retainer fee and a signed contract.

This will ensure that the date is yours!

What are all of the services The Wedding DJ offers? -DJ Services for Your Wedding Reception and/or your Wedding Ceremony. -Photo booth for your reception

-Uplighting (What is uplighting? They are lighting often set up along the walls or underneath the head table to add some ambiance and help set the mood for your reception.)

-I'm also a non-denominational minister and can perform your wedding ceremony.

What do I provide when you book with The Wedding DJ?

-A professional sound system consisting of 2 self-powered speakers on stands, A subwoofer to feel that “Thump,” A wireless microphone for any speeches/toasts, 2 DJ Dedicated Laptop computers with a massive DJ Music library, A backup library on an external hard drive, and Lights that “dance to the beat of the music”. -You will gain access to my online planning forms. By filling out these forms, you will answer questions about your wedding. This is where you tell me what time your event will start, end, and location. You will also tell me what your first dance songs will be and all other important information that is needed to have a successful event. We will meet virtually approximately one month prior to your wedding and discuss all of your plans. -For the reception, I arrive at least an hour and a half early to set up and test everything to ensure that it works properly. -Once everything is set up and ready to go, I start the cocktail music at least 15 minutes prior to the guests' arrival. -I will make all informative announcements including introducing the Wedding Parties arrival. This is what we call the Grand Introduction. I announce the wedding party as they enter the room with a high-energy song of the couple's choosing. -All other announcements are made to inform the guests and wedding party of what is happening (ie. announcing dinner, toasts, cake cutting, and first dances.) After all announcements, I generally just let the music do the talking.

Why should you hire a professional DJ vs using a friend or someone who charges less?

-A professional DJ will have professional equipment that they have spent thousands of dollars on or more, it’s typically high-grade equipment. They will also have built a digital DJ Music library from legal sources such as DJ Music Pools, Amazon or Apple Music.

-Using sources like Youtube, Spotify other streaming services are technically not legal to use and not all venues have WIFI.

(*My DJ music library is large and I have all types of genres from the 1940s up to the latest hits being played on the radio. I get weekly music updates to make sure I have the most popular songs.)

-An amateur DJ may not have all the songs you want, or may just rely on using a streaming service for their music source. They may not know how to properly MC the reception, make announcements, and help transition into the next phase of the reception.

What sets The Wedding DJ services

apart from the other

DJ services in Central Iowa?

-I have been doing this longer than most of the other local DJs. -I have built a massive DJ Library -I have the skills to keep your event on task and make it run smoothly so you and your new spouse can relax and enjoy the event. -I can read your guests ensuring that I play the right song at the right time making sure your dance floor is full all night long! Am I the cheapest option? No Am I the most expensive? No

There is a saying that you get what you pay for. When you hire my DJ Service, you will get exactly what you deserve. I will work with you from the initial first contact all the way through to the last song of the night. I can always be reached with any questions or offer advice on song selections.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me about your future event...

You can contact me via


Text or Call: 515-710-3178

All consultations are free!

Thanks to Sean with the Wedding DJ for his great information and advice when it comes to considering DJ Services for Your Wedding Day!

-The Vineyard Team

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