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Fun Wedding Ideas to Consider

From Ceremony to Reception and Exit. Here are some ideas to add fun and personality to your Wedding Day!

Depending on where and what you want for your Wedding Ceremony, you may be limited in what fun you can add. However here are a few subtle and sweet ideas to add to your


-No nephews or youngsters to fill the Ring Bear spot. Ask a good buddy or funny friend to be the Ring Bear, or maybe a fun couple to be the Ring Bear and Flower Girl.

-Have one or a couple of your groomsmen hold cue cards to hold up during different times of the ceremony.

-Fun wedding programs or pamphlets.

Most couples strive to keep their guests fed well and entertained for the majority of the Reception. Listed below are a few ideas to add fun to different aspects of your

Wedding Reception.


-Polaroid Guest Book

-Guest Box: Have a pipe and

drape room or box for people to

go in and record a video message

for you two!


-Games. Yard Games are always fun and popular, but you can also add in

Wedding Mad Libs, Wedding I Spy, Jenga(big or small), etc.

-Photo Booth. Use a fun wall in your Venue and set it up with props or find a vendor that provides and will set up Photo Booth/ Wall.


-Have a dessert bar or candy bar. Include some of your favorites to include your personality!

-Use your dessert for table centerpieces. Convenient and easy for guests!

-Food Truck or Ice Cream Truck. You could have them for the main meal or

late-night treat!

-If you're providing your meal as a buffet, normally you have your host/hostess dismiss Tables. However, a fun way to dismiss tables is by naming your tables by songs. When the DJ plays that song, the table is dismissed for dinner!


-Sunglasses and Glow Sticks are a great gift to add flare to the dance floor.

-Sharing the special dance with a parent is so sweet. Adding in a grandparent or sibling you would like to say thank you to is a sweet gesture.

-Slideshow of special photos playing during special dances.


-Last dance for Just the Bride

and Groom. Cue all the feels!

-Sparkler Departure. Pick a time

you’ll want to leave and have the

DJ/MC give the warning to grab a

sparkler and line up.

Comment below if you've done any of these or some you think others should consider too! We love seeing our couple's personalities show through their wedding day in fun ways...

Here at The Vineyard!

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