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Where to Start after the Engagement?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

You said


You've shared the news with loved ones near and far! The seemingly daunting task of planning a wedding now sits in your mind. Where do I start?

All of the questions that you're starting to get asked may seem very overwhelming.

No worries. Sit back. Sip (or gulp) a glass of wine and let's take it from here...

You can tackle these four topics in whatever order you see fit. I mean, let's be honest, some of these categories are a lot easier and definitely more fun to plan. However, making sure you have the basics of these first four topics will make your road of planning your dream wedding much easier...(and even more realistic!)


Picking a date for some can be the hardest decision of all, while others can blindly look at a calendar and pick a random date. Whichever person you may be, or in between, think of these few things first...

Weather? Maybe you picture a fall day with beautiful colors in the countryside, or a gorgeous lakeside backdrop at the start of summer.

Price? In some areas, venues offer

'off-season' rates that may make a venue that seemed out of reach, more


Sentimental? You may now celebrate your first date, or dating anniversary, but what happens after you get married. Sometimes those dates don't get celebrated as much after the nuptials. Planning your wedding date close to one of those special dates makes it a date to remember forever.


Coming up with a budget for your wedding may seem incredibly overwhelming?.. (Remember, I said not every topic would be fun.) However, having a budget and knowing you and your fiancee are on the same page for wedding finances will prevent many

premarital arguments.

Today, there are many different situations for wedding budgets also. Sometimes the couple pays for all of it, while others may have one family or both families contribute or pay for it all. If you're not sure, make a plan to have those conversations so you can make decisions based on your realistic budget.

Still feeling overwhelmed?..

Make a first draft of your budget. Don't use actual dollar amounts for this draft. Break it down into percentages.











This helps you to be able to categorize the little things, while making sure you're not overspending where you don't see the worth. Once you've got actual dollar amounts with your final overall budget, then you can easily convert your percentages into a realistic budget.

Keep updated on your budget! Move numbers around if your plans or priorities change. You want to make sure you pace that budget till the very end.


Location, Location, Location. It can be a big decision for the wedding day! Maybe you've dreamed of a beach wedding, or a religious ceremony at your home church. Or maybe you see yourself at an industrial downtown venue or in the quiet countryside. Wherever you decide, you may want to think about a couple of these things...

Outdoor/Indoor? You may want your ceremony in an outdoor setting, but plan an indoor reception when thinking about weather. Or you may picture your dance underneath beautiful outdoor lights with the stars just above.

Distance? Will your guests need to drive from ceremony to reception. Or is there a beautiful venue that offers both a ceremony space and reception area. Can your guests walk to their hotel room or take a taxi after the big party! Or is transportation provided or can be provided from your reception to lodging.

Price? Will a venue offer you a bridal suite, transportation, or any other amenity that you would have had to pay for. Will they provide set up and/or decor options, saving you time and/or money?

Knowing the area you want to be in, the venue options, and what matters most to you, when it comes to your location will help make your decision an educated one.

And Finally...

(My personal favorite!)


Styling your wedding can be the most fun, but also the most stressful part of your planning process...

You can represent your wedding style from your venue choice all the way down to the smallest table decor.

However, mixing styles can create an eye popping statement or confuse your guests.

From elegant and romantic to sleek and modern, or rustic and simple. Write down your general style(or two) and direction you want to stay close to. So as you go along to different aspects of your planning process you still have the same style goal.


..And Happy Wedding Planning!

-The Vineyard Team

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