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Weddings for the Unique!

Are you looking for your Wedding to be different? These seven different wedding ideas will give you a one-of-a-kind Wedding or have aspects you can include in your Big Day to stand out from the crowd!

Not only are these ideas different from the usual wedding. These ideas have options that may include a cheaper venue fee or lower your catering costs, while still having the wedding of your dreams. Get creative and be open-minded to a one-of-a-kind experience you could have and provide your guests!


Now, if you're not a morning person this may not be the idea for you! However, if you're a fan of brunch like I am this may be just for you! Keep things simple, as an earlier wedding in the day means an earlier start for you. Have a small spread waiting for your guests' arrival from pastries to mimosas. This will be a great sneak peek of what's to come after the ceremony with a beautiful brunch. You can still host a dance after the meal and even add outdoor games or a bouncy house to the day.


A cocktail wedding can be incredibly versatile. You can have it earlier in the day or even later in the evening. You can have it as a black-tie affair or simple and laid back. Start the wedding off with the showcase- the cocktails. Have signature cocktails to start off the evening, with a sunset backdrop ceremony. Your photos will be one of a kind and surely a wedding your guests will not forget. A cocktail wedding could be more suited for a Friday or Saturday. As far as food, you can keep it simple with yummy hor devours or have a food truck.



A picnic wedding is all about simple, simple, simple. Simple food, Simple seating, and Simply the best! Keeping your food to sandwiches and salads or a BBQ-style buffet will keep your guests fed and happy. Have music or your dance floor set up outside with string lights being your main feature! Have yard games set up that will keep your non-dancing guests just as entertained too.


Do you and your fiancee love touring the state and beyond for wine tastings? Plan your wedding dinner as a tasting menu with wine pairings. Have some more staple food that can cover everyone but add in some that you think will surprise people! Include your favorites!


Now be careful not to shutter when you hear Theme Wedding. Theme weddings can be tasteful and to your specific style. Do you two love Halloween or your first trip away was to Hawaii? From a holiday to an ode to your favorite city style, you can subtly add or have it included from your wedding dress to food choices.


Want a ball drop for your own wedding? How fitting to have your wedding on New Year's Eve! Or maybe you like the glitz and glam with a side of a champagne toast. New Years Eve may be the best night for you! Your guests will surely be in for a big night to party! Late-night eats for those bottomless glasses will sure be appreciated!


Whether you go tropical or state-side. Destination weddings don’t have to be out of the country. Maybe it’s a mountain wedding in Colorado or Utah. Or a beach wedding in Florida. Or maybe you have a favorite vacation spot. Wherever it is, just make sure it speaks to you and your fiancee.

We hope this expanded your thinking about what your big day could be! Let your imagination run away a little and you never know what fun or out-of-the-box idea you may have for your wedding! Show us what you did that was different in the comments below.


The Vineyard Team

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