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Wedding Planning Organization 101

Wedding Planning is a topic most love to sit and dream about. However, once the Engagement Bliss wears off and you get deep into planning mode, you quickly realize the fun becomes a different kind of 'fun'....(or an overwhelming load of information!)

Below you will find some #WeddingPlanning organization tips and tricks to make the planning process run a little smoother...


The majority of your wedding planning (and/or ideas to search through) will be done online. Many of the websites and vendors you look into will ask for your information, including your email address. Sending a galore of wedding information to your work email is a sure way to be distracted and more than likely upset your co-workers.

BONUS: using your #weddinghashtag as your email would be easy and fun! Having a wedding email would save you time, as you will have emails and every wedding-related message going into one spot without you having to move and organize them.

If you already have a gmail account, adding another one is a pretty simple step. Now I'm probably just biased, but being able to access Google Docs and Drive with all of my downloaded docs, makes my life so much simpler. It will also make it simple for you to share docs when needed with your wedding party, family, wedding planner, etc.

If making your own Wedding Email isn't the right option for you. Then add an all Wedding Folder into your email so you can quickly add whatever incoming emails into it, until you're ready for them.


Now I understand, this seems pretty self explanatory. Making a desk or nook in your home to designate as a planning zone is great..

...Or it could be a closet, to put special family mementos or stow away thrift store finds you plan to use for decor. Maybe you have a file cabinet that fits on the floor or a file box you can store on a shelf for important ideas/documents. However, having that space in your apartment or home isn't always available.

Think of it as more than just physical space too. Keep it simple, if you'd like. Get a box, or a binder, that you can pull out anytime you're working on wedding planning. Add some wrapping paper or a photo of you two, to give it that personal touch.

In reference back to the first organization tip. Have specific spaces on your PC/Mac such as wedding folders, Google Drive, photo folders, etc.

You can start with generals then subdivide into categories, as the planning process goes on. From physical spaces to PC folders, you will have designated spaces to store contracts, receipts, venue pamphlets, and more.


Have a calendar for the duration of your wedding. Keep it up to date and don't forget to add these dates in:

  • Set dates for when you need to have vendors and lodging booked.

  • Create timelines for tasks.

  • Set dates for engagement events and photos.

  • Schedule pre-wedding beauty routines and/or trials.


A Day-Week Planner. You may find it helpful to have a planner just for wedding events and planning. Then when your calendar begins to feel overwhelming, you can realistically see what you need to get done in the week ahead.

There may become a lull period in the planning process where you may go a week or so without needing to plan. However, designate a day every week with a time frame that will give you valuable time to sit down and do just wedding planning. *This may also give your fiance time to be available too, when you need to make decisions together!


You may not be right in front of your wedding binder every time you get a new piece of information. Which will ultimately end up in hand written notes, or abbreviated ideas in your Notes App. Make sure to transfer any/all notes during your designated 'Wedding Planning Time,' or make a habit before bed, to file them or transfer them over to the appropriate spot in your planning binder or documents. Once you've taken care of and put the information in the correct spot, throw away paper notes and delete digital notes. This way you can have space for incoming information.

Hopefully with these tips and tricks, it will make your planning process more organized and run smoother. Or if you really want as little stress as possible,

there's always Wedding Planners.....

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