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Wedding Morning Checklist

Today, we're talking about things to add to your #Wedding Morning Checklist...

Some of these will seem pretty obvious, but you'll appreciate having these all written down so you don't feel so overwhelmed on the morning of your Wedding! Also, another thing to think about for your Wedding morning, is who your right-hand lad (lady or man) will be. Then make sure you give a copy of your checklist to them also!

So grab your pen + paper to write these down...


A big one! Make sure when you get to the location you're getting ready, put it away from the busyness, but yet take it out to breathe before you need to get in it. If your photographer is coming to take snapshots while you're getting ready they'll want to take one of just your dress hanging.


Obviously, your dress will come with a hanger, but if your photographer is taking pictures you may want to take into consideration what you want that picture to look like. Maybe just a plain wood hanger or possibly personalized. Whatever your wish is, just make sure to write it down so your photographer and help will know.


Again, this may depend on what you want for photos. Most photographers like to snap a shot or use it in an accessory shoot. This is a great idea because there is a good chance you won't have an actual invitation many years later.


When you arrive at your Venue or wherever you'll be putting on your dress and accessories. Lay out all your accessories, this makes a great photo op, but also is a great presentation and will be organized for you when it's time to put it all on!


If you're having a friend or plan to hire a make-up artist. Make sure you have gone over the specifics of what you are to bring and what they will provide. Some make-up artists only bring certain things due to sanitary reasons or if you have a preference for a shade.


Now, this may just be my controlling personality, but Wedding Rings should come with GPS up until the Ceremony. Keeping them with you or your designated sidekick for the day would be a great option. If not, put someone you trust to hold onto them for the day. Just remember you'll want them available for your photographer too!


This may not be something you'll have readily available in the morning when you go to get ready. However, the week or two before your wedding touch base with whoever is doing your bouquets about a specific time and place for pick up or drop off so you can have arrangements made before the day of for photos, etc.


There usually is a good amount of hustle and bustle the morning of your wedding. However, having some background music will help ease nerves and remember to enjoy the day! Make a playlist or put someone in charge who knows you well to play what you like and maybe even include some nostalgic music.


Your Maid/Matron of Honor may already have this planned on her to-do list so make sure to double-check with her. Light breakfast and light snacks are always good to have on hand for the day. I love starting Wedding Mornings with a pop of the champagne bottle, but just make sure you have plenty of water on hand too!.. Or your favorite beverage at least!


Another thing your Maid/Matron of Honor may have planned. An easy-to-grab bag with a few bobby pins, clothes pins, lip gloss, mouthwash, etc. You'll appreciate having this no matter where you are.


Check with your bridesmaid(s) if you don't have one. Having a steamer on hand for the weekend will make sure everyone is wrinkle-free and photo ready!


This may be something you take care of at the rehearsal. Or if you and your bridesmaids are getting ready at the same place, having them walk into a Thank You note with or without a gift is a sweet way to start the morning!


This will hopefully save you a lot of headaches and unnecessary calls for your morning. The week before (maybe two weeks at most) you should touch base with all your vendors to clarify times when they access the venue to set up, deliver, etc. Have all of these written down on a day of timeline. Give a copy of this to your day of coordinator, planner, or attendant and those that will have to have this information for the day/morning to run smoothly.


This may not be something you're doing, but definitely, something to think about. Some couples exchange letters to read the morning before or as they're getting ready. It's such an intimate moment without being in person.

Just remember all the planning you've accomplished. Hopefully, with these checklist items, you can make your Wedding Morning even better!

Happy Planning-

The Vineyard Team

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