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Guest Blog Feature:✨Top reasons WHY you should do a first look on your wedding day✨

We're so excited to do our first of hopefully many- Guest Blog Features!

Today, we have Elizabeth, with Elizabeth Ann Photography!

" I believe you have a beautiful & raw story ready to be told and it deserves to be told authentically. I spark genuine moments and capture beautiful images with my couples that will make you feel alllllll the feels for a lifetime!"


Today Elizabeth is going to talk about something that we think is a very important topic when it comes to your Wedding Day! (Also one of our FAVORITE topics too!)

Top reasons WHY you should do a First Look on your Wedding Day!


The first look is an intimate way to see one another for the first time on your wedding day. When you see each other, there may be a million things you want to tell your boo thang. You may want to give them a spin to check out their full outfit, give them a big hug, or a kiss, and you may want to let out tears just in front of them.

NERVES and BUTTERFLIES You might be going through thousands of emotions when seeing each other for the first time. By doing a first look, you get to take your guard down because it’s just the two of you. The nerves aren’t causing you to hold in your emotion while walking down the aisle. It’s about you not about tradition.

JUST THE TWO OF YOU Get ready to step into what it feels like to be Jay-Z and Beyonce - You two are going to be celebrities on your wedding day! Everyone will be creating lines around you to get a chance to congratulate you (which is SO sweet) but also SO exhausting. Your wedding day is about the two of you but will end up with a very limited amount of time just the two of you and this is an opportunity to have that time together.

YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR COCKTAIL HOUR Without a first look, photos are taken during the cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception. That means you’re working on a tight timeline. you can get through a lot of your wedding party and family photos before the ceremony!

HAIR and MAKEUP ARE FRESH EARLIER IN THE DAY Once you’ve been through ceremony tears, lots of hugging your guests, and a few hours of warm sunshine (or wind, or humidity, or rain…) hair and makeup might not look the same as it did early in the day.

YOU (and Your Wedding Party) ARE STILL SOBER It’s less likely that your wedding party/family/you will be drunk already. Enough said.

DOING A FIRST LOOK DOES NOT BREAK TRADITION Did you know that the real reason brides and grooms were kept from seeing each other until after the ceremony is because, back in the day, the bride’s family did not want to risk a groom breaking off the wedding if he didn’t like the way she looked? Yikes! The true roots of this tradition aren’t quite as romantic as we thought. My advice: Pick another “something old” to incorporate into your wedding day. This is one tradition worth tossing!


I will not only love taking these photos, but I am OBSESSED with capturing real and authentic moments. A first look is an emotion-packed moment, and there are lots of little in-between moments to capture. When you have a first look, you get a lot more photos! Thanks! Liz

See more of Liz's Work and Inquire about your Big Day here:

Instagram: @elizabethannphotos

Facebook: @ElizabethAnnPhotography

Thank You to Liz for being apart of our Guest Blog Feature this week!

Liz had great points to consider a First Look! Here at The Vineyard, we highly recommend a First Look as it seems to make your day more enjoyable and go smoothly! Plus, we think when you do a First Look, it gives you more time to relax in our beautiful bridal suites!


The Vineyard Team

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