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Breakdown of A Wedding Budget

Budget, budget, budget! Before you book anything usually you have to go over the big bad budget. Everyone's budget differs, but before you plug in numbers what are you supposed to even include in it? Well, today we're going to cover the breakdown of a Wedding Budget...

There may be some areas you can edit or may not need. So adjust this list accordingly to your needs...


This will most likely be your largest portion of your budget, which is practical as it's the backdrop and the whole setting of your big day! If you're having your ceremony and reception in one place you'll more than likely have one fee. If there are fees for set up and tear down include those in this portion too!


Your next largest portion of your budget. You'll include the costs of your catering, which may include waitstaff and dinnerware fees. Include all food costs, including any cocktail hours munchies, and late-night eats or treats.


Now your budget for drinks will depend on what you plan on. Would you like to keep your wedding dry or do you want a full-blown open bar? Maybe somewhere in the middle. Checking with your Venue, about their price sheet or do you supply your own will be a good start to determining this budget. Make sure to include any non-alcoholic choices too, for dinner and social hour, even if it's included in your catering portion.


This portion includes the cake you'll cut. It's more for show, but this area could be flexible. If you don't plan to cut a cake you could include this portion in with your food and cover it all. Otherwise, this will cover any costs from start to finish with your cake, including tasting to any cutting fees too!


Again, as I stated in the Venue section if you're having your ceremony in a different location than your venue, you'll cover those costs in this portion. Otherwise, this category is for all costs associated with your ceremony, except decor. You'll include your costs for your marriage license, officiant fees, space rental if it applies, and any music costs, live or otherwise.


This covers any wedding planner, day of coordinator, or if you use a close friend/family member. You may choose not to use any of these, so then you can adjust it accordingly.


Another big portion of your budget. This will cover engagement sessions, wedding day photos, and if you have a videographer. Remember these are keepsakes! They're worth the money. You could even include print costs for after the wedding if you'd like.


This portion includes your wedding rings, and boxes if they don't come with one.


Depending on what you're looking to have and if your venue has any restrictions, will help determine your budget for this section. This should include all decor bought or rentals. And would include all flowers whether to be decorated at the ceremony space to your bouquets/boutonnieres.


This may cover any Entertainment whether before or during the Reception. It could cover any game rentals before or during the social hour. And should include your band or DJ fees, and cover any sound system rental equipment costs.


When you think of Stationary you think this covers just the stamps for your wedding invites, but this should cover your invites themselves too! And any other paper needs, such as save the dates, ceremony programs, menus, and/or thank you's!


This one is important because you're obviously going to want to look your best! This will cover dress(s), shoes, and suits to hair and makeup professionals for the big day! You could also include your wedding day prep such as mani/pedi and waxing services.


This section should include any favors you'll have for guests at the wedding. You should also include any gifts for the wedding party parents, or special helpers you want to thank!


This will be covering your shuttle for your wedding party or guests if needed. Remember providing transportation from reception to hotels is something to consider depending on your wedding crowd's liquid ambitions.


This will cover any unexpected or last-minute fees. This could cover any emergency that comes up too!

Whew! I think we covered the majority of the costs you should encounter when planning your wedding! Remember to keep your budget updated and work together to make sure you're both on the same page about what you spend on what.

Still looking for a 2023 Venue check out our Investment Page to see if we may be a good fit for your Venue Budget!

-The Vineyard Team

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