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Looking for an experienced extra hand on your wedding day? Before you ask your Aunt Betty (who you know is a basket-case under pressure!)…We are here to help! 

Why book wedding coordination?

Coordination offers peace of mind on your wedding day. When you book coordination you can enjoy the day knowing that someone with experience has all the answers, knows all of the details, and will execute your plan! 

What is coordination? 

Your coordinator will run & execute your perfect wedding day. With your master plan & timeline in hand, we will decorate, run your ceremony, communicate with vendors...and a complete a thousand tiny tasks in between. We do this so you and your families can relax and trust that someone else is doing all the heavy lifting (mentally & physically) on your wedding day. 

Who needs wedding coordination?

Moms! No one will be more grateful than your mom that you booked coordination (we promise) but our couples also love the peace of mind coordination brings. It is especially fitting for couples that want to be as hands off as possible and focus on celebrating & having fun!

How we take the stress away

Investment   $1000

Interested in adding Coordination to your day?
Email us to check availability! 

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